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Minggu, 23 Maret 2014

An Introduction of my self "Gustianto Rahman"

I will introduce my self, thanks for your interesting. My name is Gustianto Rahman, call me just "Gusti". I live in komplek Departemen Agama Blok D.83 RT.07/RW.15 Citayam, Bogor west java. I'm oldest from two sister. My sister so called her Julia. I was born in Jakarta, 18 August 1992. My old now is 22 less. My hobbies are playing basket ball, cooking, writing, and hiking.
I'm a student in Gunadarma university, my motivation why I'm take economic management because I will focus and study carefully how to organize all. I think management is unique and very special, but make me can how to manage and I can learning to become leader in my life. I'm special man, because i trust whenever I will become a big person. You know why so am I very believe it? Cause' I believe God never sleep, and will make me big. My mom and my father are the best in my world, and nothing couldn't replace them selves, I loving them.
I was an ambitious man, not easily discouraged in achieving a goal. Someday I want to be an entrepreneur in the field of culinary, because I love eat and love to cook. My motto in life is "if I believed I could and it was good, I would definitely achieve it!" I really like animals. At home I maintain some individual animals such as birds, fish, turtles and an iguana. As a hobbyist, I am very concerned about my health and hygiene pet cage. Greatest achievement in my life is when I get a 3rd winner in high school basketball. However, I also had a very bad experience of having to stop playing basketball because of the pain I suffered. So a little story about myself, thank you for your attention.

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