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Selasa, 17 Mei 2011


crime is caused by the imbalance is considered as a social problem by society depends on the system of social values ​​that society. However there are some things that the community faced generally the same, the things that the crime include the following. 1. Poverty Historically, the rich and the poor state side by side is not a social problem. Poverty emerged as a social problem since the development of trade throughout the world and also the enactment stage certain life as a community habit. In the past each individual aware of its economic position, so that they able to say whether he rich or poor. Poverty considered a social problem if the difference in position 'economic citizens determined explicitly. In an unpretentious community composition and organization, poverty is not a problem social, because they assume that all have been destined, so no usahausaha to overcome them. In a complex modern society, poverty become a social problem because of the attitude of hate poverty earlier. For those who fail to obtain urban employment, poverty is no longer measured by the need secondary only, but due to inability to meet primary needs. 2. Unemployment Unemployment is a social problem facing by developing countries. The rapid globalization in the economic field which is characterized by efficiency in economic activities, such as the use of machines production. That caused the reduced use manpower. Therefore, the higher unemployment. In developing countries, in general also have low education level. Meanwhile, competition working more and more stringent, so that people who do not expertise (skills) will be difficulty finding work. 3. Crime Crime is caused due to the conditions and processes the same social, resulting in behaviors other social issues. People who become evil, because that person made contact with the patterns of malicious behavior and also because he alienates himself from behavioral patterns that are not like crime. In modern times, as now arise crime the so-called white collar crime is a crime arise from a too rapid economic growth and emphasis on the material-financial aspects alone. Crime This is a crime committed by employers and officials in carrying out its function role. Group are considered immune to the law and the means other social control. To overcome the problem of evil can be done following two ways. a. Preventive, in particular by distancing itself from patterns crime and get closer to the behavioral patterns who do not like crime. b. Repressive, that is by way of rehabilitation, such as the following. 1) Creating a program that aims to punish person. 2) Trying to change so that people are not evil, for example by way of giving jobs or latihanlatihan to master specific areas for can diffuse back to the general public. 4. Family disorganization (Broken Home) Family disorganization are family breakdowns as a unit, because its members failed fulfill the obligations in accordance with the role social. The forms include: a. family units that are not complete because the relationship beyond marriage; b. because the breakdown of marriage because of divorce; c. lack of communication within the family (empty shell family); d. family crisis, and therefore one of the acting head of the family beyond their means. Basically, family disorganization in the community which is in a state of transition to modern society and complex, due to delays in adjusting themselves with a new economic social situations. 6. Warfare The battle resulted in disorganization in various social aspects, both for countries that become state winners and losers. 8. Population Problems Residents of a country in essence a source that is essential for development, because population is the subject and object of development. One one is the welfare state responsibility lives of residents, but residents were disturbed by the welfare changes demographic changes which is often not perceived. Such defects raises issues include the following. a. How to disseminate population, in order to create density population evenly? b. How to seek declining birth rates for population growth can be monitored with tight? 9. Environmental Issues The environment is usually divided into categories as follows. a. The physical environment, ie all the inanimate objects that exist in around humans. b. Biological environment is everything around humans in the form of a living organism (in addition to humans). c. The social environment that is comprised of individuals or groups around humans. d. Cultural environment is everything around human form of the results of human culture. To be able to sustain life, the human such adjustments or adaptations include the following. a. Genetic adaptation of any living environment usually stimulate the inhabitants to form the body structure specific. b. Adaptation is an adjustment for somatic structural or functional temporary (not down through the generations). In conjunction with other living things in the environment, the following can be distinguished. a. Symbiotic relationship of mutual relations between living organisms of different speciesnya. Form form symbiotic relationships are: 1) parasitism is when one party was lucky, the other party harmed. 2) Komensalisme ie when one party lucky, others not harmed. 3) mutualism that occurs relationship mutual benefit. b. Reciprocal social relations between the organism- The same species of living organisms. Its forms is the competition and cooperative. An ecosystem may experience changes due to the workings of natural physical factors and their effects great on humans for example: a. the influence of sunlight, b. climatic influences, c. influence of heat and cold.

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