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Selasa, 17 Mei 2011


guguss, that's my favorite call. I was born on August 1, 1992. I have a full name gustianto rahman. I was anakpertama of two brothers. I am an only son. I enrolled at university Gunadarma, while my sister man cibinong school in grade 2 sma bogor. While my father worked as a civil servant. I feel fortunate to be present in the midst of a very happy family like this. I feel happiness and togetherness that is extraordinary in this family. Because when I looked out there are so many people who can not feel the warmth of the family. Since childhood I've loved basketball. Thus at age 11 I attended a basketball club. Various tournament a couple of places I have to follow. In addition, after entering grade 2 smp my parents put me into the other tutoring places such as the Koran, music lessons, swimming lessons and English lessons discussed. Despite my many extra activities but I am comfortable with everything because I sincerely live it. After stepping on my junior high activity began to increase again until finally I stopped all my activities the previous music lessons, dance lessons and swimming lessons. But please note my new activity is a useful activity. That is to organize. Starting from my participation in extracurricular Scouts. I know about since I started following oraganisasi extracurricular Scouts. There I learned to organize so that when I joined other organizations that I do not feel familiar. Very lucky because my family is very supportive of my activities. My hobby is chatting. I like this hobby because I really like friends. I want to share their experiences with the crowd. Another thing I like is hanging out with family. Because in my opinion it is the most potent drugs to relieve the burden when I'm having trouble in school. Behind all of that I also have something I do not like is when I have to deal with the cheese. Some people say I'm weird but this is me. Somehow I just smell the cheese already feel bad. Behind me in school activities, do not forget I also always made time to play with friends in a home environment. Luckily my friends are friends who are very friendly and can accept me as I am. I have a life motto of "men should not be in number two." I chose that motto because I often see nowadays most women are more active role. Sometimes I think, how lucky I am. Why not? I have been given the all-sufficient life. Once again thank you Lord that You have given me the pleasure of living, healthy and delicious favors Islam over the years.

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