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Rabu, 24 November 2010

Conditioning for you my heart

Conditioning for you my heart actually know something's wrong with you how I feel to you? I'm really comfortable being near you, and I feel deep compassion enough to you. you are not a substitute for, but you are a new chapter in my life that I must always guard. and I tried to remain dear to you, "though I never know HOW your heart to me????" I really hope you read this and you say "I love you too" I promise to take care of you sincerely from my heart's deepest .. although now I have not been able to become owner of my heart, but I really enjoyed the days when with you but I have a question for you !!!!! if you love me too? if you want me to near you? Can you accept the flaws? please do you torment me by hanging me like this .... give me a straight answer from your lips "bitter or sweet" Secret Love for you ** m *

1 komentar:

  1. I Like Himself
    Maybe I Love
    But Is Probably You Be Mine
    You Have Become
    Become Hers
    I Was Wrong But If I Ever Feel It