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Jumat, 20 Mei 2011

group band gigi di kampus

Group bands that I liked since I first came kekampus Yesterday dated 19 May 2011 I was very happy because the band group to meet degan teeth that have been long time since I idolakan. Especially bang Armand Maulana very cool really any action on the stage. Already I've liked dibangku smp same band that are now seventeen-year-old. Tepet the band's birthday is on 22 March 2011 yesterday that celebrates birthday seventeen. On the anniversary of this tahinnya even this band released a new album titled "sweet seventeen". In her chance yesterday when I bang on campus promo Armand sings four songs and one song that he nyayikan is the latest song in the album had just tilled. In the promo album yesterday held a question and answer personnel about music and also about a single concert gear that will take place on 26 May 2011. Yesterday when distributed free tickets to anyone who gives a good question and good. The opportunity was wasted because I did not get a chance to ask questions, because the very enthusiastic audience who came together in my college parking lot. While I was standing quite close to the stage but I did not get asked, so I still legowo. Heheehe  When teeth singing a song titled january eleven I was really happy because the song have a lot of memories that make me really enjoy that song. Actually I want to jump when the spirit sang teeth but other people do not have a jump-jump so sayapun feel ashamed if I own a jump-hop. This is not the first time I saw the teeth directly, but already several times. I am not a fan of our teeth but my teeth are not very faithful over with him. I really like to bang Armand Maulana very energetic perfume once while on stage. Anyway cool deh emang band group dental. And hopefully make a concert titled sweet tooth seventeen it went well and smooth without any obstacles. Good luck  teeth

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