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Jumat, 20 Mei 2011

volcanic eruption

Volcanic Eruption Volcanic eruptions occur due to magma activity in the bowels of the earth which cause strong pressure out through the top of a volcano. The danger posed by volcanic eruptions such as: 1) The rain of volcanic ash, causing respiratory problems. 2) Lava, hot, destructive, and turn off anything that passed. 3) heat clouds, can turn off the living creatures that pass. 4) Gas-containing toxins. 5) solid material (rock, gravel, sand), can override the housing, and Other. Until now, the volcano is still a mystery to humans. Science has been accomplished man of very few volcanoes. And that's just the outside only. However, as the population of a country that the two largest islands are dominated by volcanic mountain range, there is no harm if we learn about this volcano. How the formation process, why there is an active volcano and non-active, why there is a small volcanic eruption and there is a large, why the land in the area surrounding the volcano is relatively fertile, and so forth. volcano Volcano Formation How does the process of formation of volcanoes? This explanation could not be separated from our understanding of the tectonic plates of the earth and the earth's crust. According to the analysis of the scientists, volcanoes formed due to pressure-pressure from within the bowels of the earth. The cause of the pressure itself, until now scientists have not been able to understand it. Volcanic material currently erupting, volcanoes release materials consisting of lava, tepra, and gas. The type and quantity of material released during an eruption, depending on the composition of magma in the volcano.

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