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Jumat, 20 Mei 2011

the meaning of love in my opinion

In human life, love often manifests itself in various forms. Sometimes a person loves himself, sometimes loving someone else. Self-love makes a person would be able to maintain itself. Imagine if someone does not love yourself, surely he would not care about the condition itself. If he had loved himself, will appear opposite impulse, that is despised everything that can memadorotkan himself. But to remember is self-love must be balanced with other forms of love on the other. Then Love itself what? According to the general view, Love is a feeling of wanting to share together or a feeling of affection towards someone. Another opinion, love is an action or activity performed on humans to other objects in the form of self-sacrifice, empathy, attention, give love, help, obey the word, to follow, obedient, and willing to do anything they want that object. But in my opinion, Love is basically is to save each other, protect each other and themselves happy. If we love ourselves or others with all my heart, that means we depend on creatures with various weaknesses may not be able to provide all kebahagiannnya. Therefore, the heartfelt love that we should only give to his Maker which is definitely a response that can be reassuring, because he surely will reward worth even more than we give to Him. His word is in a hadith qudsi, "If he (my servant) approached me an inch, then I will draw near to him sedepa. If he came to me sedepa, I would approach it a single hour, if he comes to Me walking, I will come to him with a run. " Maybe we reasoned that the response from fellow creatures can be seen, while the response of his could not be seen. For example, if we laugh with someone, we can immediately see the response, if he replied to laughter or even a frown. Well ... The response of God is not to be seen by naked eye, but can be felt. Well, to be able to feel it of course, a servant must be really sincere in his love. Throughout our love for Him is still unbeatable by our love of other things besides himself, of course we will be very difficult to feel that response. In addition, if the size is the things unseen only, very likely what it looks very contrary to what is in the hearts or minds. For instance when we smile at someone and someone else was smiling, what we can confirm that it was his smile is really sincere? Or perhaps behind a smile that he hates us, his smile just lips service only. Honestly, we really do not know what really was behind the responses revealed a person. As the proverb says, "The depth of the ocean right kuselami, careful person who knows". While God, He is aware of the extent to which degree the love of a man on himself. In fact, he knew suspicion of each of His servants on himself. Thus, the response is not to be visible size. The nature of the truth is in the heart, something that is very smooth and soft, abstract, not the form and can not be touched. Any action taken will feel more beautiful when done with care. Another story if only because the physiological impulse alone. For example, in matters of sex. Even if someone makes sexual activity was limited to the pleasure, what's the difference with the animals? Under these conditions, or in any way, sexual activity like that can be done and must bear the pleasure. However, if we, who claim to be the most perfect creature was usually just a mere pursuit of pleasure? Are not we supposed to prove that we are truly a noble creature, so we do not understand love only lust, but more than that, namely that diridoi reaching love of God, the love that is born of the conscience.

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