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Jumat, 20 Mei 2011

human activity

Now this area have been many contaminated by human activity itself, which resulted in the number of defects that arise in various environments around us. This will impact on the man himself is acting up. Stout consequences will arise from human activity itself, so examples of the consequences to be suffered by humans if the destructive nature are: (1). Climate changes occur because of climatological settings do not work anymore. (2). Extinction of various species of animals and plants, resulting in the decline in biodiversity. (3). The occurrence of drought in the dry season and flooding will occur in the rainy season. (4). Happened critical area where the land becomes barren, so the plants can not grow well. (5). Damage due to forest fires is very disturbing because of health and flight activity of dense smoke. As for the characteristics-Based Development Environment is as follows: 1) To ensure equity and justice. 2) Respect for biodiversity. 3) Using an integrative approach. 4) To ensure the achievement of the use of resources in an efficient, effective, equitable, and sustainable. 5) Optimize the participation of the community. 6) Ensure linkages and consistency between planning, budgeting, implementation, and supervision.

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