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Jumat, 20 Mei 2011


Scouts, or commonly called Scout or Scout (Scouting) is a Boy Scout movement that has penetrated the whole world. Scout Movement is composed of various youth organizations, both for men and women. Various activities are conducted independently and along with a full sense of responsibility. Young hopes that the Indonesian nation is very important for the nation to rebuild the country. Because they who become the ultimate weapon for the nation to make a strong nation. Therefore, they need the students to be trained into someone who is independent and has a high sense of discipline. To create and promote these goals, we as souls virtuous, should always uphold the principles of independence which will make our nation has become a powerful nation and to be able to stand on its own. Peculiarities OCCURRED DURING THE SCOUT This discrepancy occurs due to many conflicts between parent and child, many parents did not allow his son to follow the activities will be undertaken by the shelves, because the parents do not know the activities will be undertaken by us, so parents think that negative us, perhaps because parents so parents do not want to see her sick child because to achieve, and parents do not allow for the cost factor, all parents would want her child to be a success, and get the best for their children. so we too as a child does not want to see our parents upset. BOY SCOUT ACTIVITY As a form of Autonomy Perhaps many students today who assume that activities such as scout camp that will be a waste of time and some who think that the scout activities are activities that are no longer in need today, while scout activities is precisely the activity that fascinating, although in activities of many challenges and obstacles that must be in the face of such Boy Scout activities, but we would much gain experience that will be useful for our lives to come. one of the benefits we will get is more disciplined and independent in action, because if the discipline and self-reliance we have applied early, then our lives in the future will be better so that someday they will become a knight and wise leader both in the act and in taking a decision, but it benefits the next is having a high social life of their surroundings so that it is easier for them to socialize with anyone. In scouts, each member of the scout must have a high social life and good morals, so that they can become good role model for anyone in the community, at school and wherever they are. So that eventually they can become a useful person for the nation and this country, indeed to be a faithful scout is not easy, because the scout activities requiring physical ability and mental strength, because many paramuka activities that directly interact with nature , such as jungle explorers who will make us closer to nature and also more familiar with nature., Perhaps many who consider the activities that the scouts have laksakan in common with the other camp, such as nature lovers and camping, independence can be measured in terms of the will of a person to follow the scout, because the scouts are taught to become an independent person, such as willing to leave families to scout and we do not rely on other oraang, as long as we can do it themselves we should not bother people lian. In my opinion follow pramuaka activity is not easy, because we have to leave the family and leave the lesson for several days, and to become a disciplined and mandirin is not easy, often times we fail to act and the action sometimes we always rely on others, but the scouts discipline and independence are paramount, because that's the main pioritas in scout activities. In the normal scout I've ever played, the more I understand about the form of independence in scout activities such as when I attended a Boy Scout ceremony, but independence is not only be applied at any Boy Scout, but in all aspects of our daily lives, because independence is very important. As a student and member of the scout should we be able to apply self-reliance in daily life, especially in activities paramuka, so scouts are not in perspective with one eye, and to realize self-reliance, we do not have to train him in Boy Scout activities, we can practice in berlahan - land but every scout activity will definitely achieve independence, even though independence is not the first goal from a kkegiatan scout, but independence is pioritas utuma in scout. All members of the scouts have a benchmark that is tri satya and satya Tri Dharma dasa of three appointments that should be said and on Stay on by all members of the scout, and reads: Tri satya for the sake of my honor I promise to earnestly perform duty to God and Country unitary republic of Indonesia, Pancasila and practice, helping others to live and participate and to build community, keep dasadarma. Dharma Dasa of 10 improvements that represent the properties of a boy scout, which reads: 1.Takwa to GOD ALMIGHTY 2. Love of nature and human affection 3. Patriot courteous and chivalric 4. Obedient and love to powwow 5.Rela help and steadfast 6.Rajin skilled and happy 7. Save careful and understated 8. Discipline brave and loyal 9. Responsible and may in confidence 10. Saints in thoughts, words and deeds

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