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Jumat, 20 Mei 2011

my initial brief lecture bench

My initial brief lecture bench introduce my name is rahman gustianto who was called by the name "gusti". I am a new student, who entered college last year, exactly in the academic year 2010-2011. The first time I went seat lecture, I felt very strange at all with the association that now I live, because it is very impressed that everything around me looks very different and not equal to periods of school first. Exactly after the entry and completion of the orientation period I started looking for the right friends to hang out I do not get caught up in the wrong intercourse. The first time I started going to class, I met with friends who happened to one group when we do student orientation. Then I rebuked said although impressed knew little pretentious quasi-close, but the response he gave very good at all because he is also very welcome to me in having a friendship. At that time we have been out of the classroom and want to go home. And it happens to all my new friends introduced her to me. Because the direction of our home and I quickly shook hands and get acquainted with him. We go home together since we came home by train in the direction, we headed straight towards the train station which was located not too far from the location of the campus. Due to the train long enough, we also chat and get acquainted with each other to not feel because of the train which awaited has come up with a pretty full. And in the end we always come home every day together and she always talked about her personal life to me, he is also open enough about him to me once. I am indeed very close to him but I was not too close to other friends because I felt I was not the same kalu them. And in the end I was friends with him but I was not too much to communicate with him in class. Until one day we talked to each other in class and all my friends on my ngecengin with him because she knew I was close to him, then I began to keep a distance with him and find other friends. In the search for new friends I began to get acquainted with many friends on campus. I began attempted to open ourselves to be friends with anyone and do not choose pick. At first I had a friend who is familiar only two people that is Crish and drivan alone, but more and more and more because acquainted with each other. After quite a lot of our friends we often spend free time for relaxing fun, relax and even to have lunch together at the gazebo or just to discuss and off fatigue moment because here the air is very cool indeed very pretty. For weeks we were together until at last we also began to gather more rare as they may already feel bored with the togetherness that has existed this. Long story short now only a few people who like to hang out earlier. But this is where I got to know the true meaning of friendship. Starting from some people who are very funny (I think) because it possesses qualities which are far too different all. We make a collection of friends if only for the funny-named persiflage only color, which means the color because we have each of the different nature and very unique. Although we sometimes look strange enough all but together we make people jealous because not every campus has friends of friends who sekompak us. Every day we always get together to discuss mutual work on the task, joking or simply to play together. It may have lasted several months and we were changing our group name to "IMARMUT" (diligent student union funny and cute). The founder of this group is Rianto, he is a person who is smart enough among our group of friends who Thank God the clever all ... hahahah. Rianto are people who have a high spirit among us all, and he is a figure who could make the atmosphere is always warm because celotehannya unclear but could be brought into the atmosphere is always warm, because he is quite easily blend with anyone in all walks of life around . But he's like everybody TL (park mace) hahahaha ...  hobby wherever she sings do not know where, when even the state, despite being mepet he also would sing even if her voice makes my ears often become sick: D .... Then my next friend is beautiful, he is a thug figure (do not know women or men) who have grouped me because everyone in our group comply with each of his words, it's known he is a thug Kemayoran hahahah .. (I am afraid Ajjah lagy if angry) , but this role is central in my group because he is a counselor whenever they are buffeted by the group internal problems and external (Animashaun). He's going out with friends of our group also called andry (handsome guy who has curly ranbut Alay and Brekele ..) wkwkwkwkwkk, kemesraannya plastered clear when a paparazzi took this beautiful photograph their intimate edge of the lake. Then the next is andri, he was a handsome man with curly hair Alay who have behavior like most other Alay kid and very childlike in nature, not embarrassed by his age that can count the rest .. hahaha  he had assisted me with a friend of one class Female I though we did not touch too long, she often became curhatan my friends not with "...." (quotation) he has a beautiful girlfriend named the thugs in my group, sorry for once he was diomelin same reply that his girlfriend, her face looks very weld once hahaha .. ah pisss layyy ... My friend's next is evelyn, she was the veiled women who have grouped me. He's very good to me, because if I do not do the task he definitely helped me work on that unfinished task. He was the only person who has never been angry if dijahilin by me or the other. But when he's playing the same sii andry sure he brought so Alay and childlike as well, it's known andry indeed carry the virus that made his friends became too stressful enough ...  elyn solidarity with other friends and no-macem macem as other. Nia, is one of the trio hobo who joined in unity trio hobo campus (ie: Rianto, nia, receipts) pisss yaaa . He was the son of a fairly Animashaun same as members of the lainnya.hehehe. nia easily made to cry just by pretending to scold him alone can make him cry with fast. But nia child well enough and not arrogant even though its quite hard but I do as her friend was already memakluminya. In group "imarmut" him as my wife (just pretend) boyfriend  I got angry because we saw the photos being alone indulgence in romance. But after I explained I also gained a boyfriend finally understand. Sage, he is one of the trio hobo army I've described above that when there are two or until the full members must speak with their own language. If I were there right next to them I would just shook his head karrena not understand what they are talking about. The nature he was very loud and angry when he would talk like what he felt. If not happy he would say was not happy vice versa. He is also very tomboyish as a boy deh anyway, but still good also .. hehehehe  Drivan, ivan was a man of frustrating and difficult to make understandable the way his mind. Even a little bit stingy but now it is better because there are many protests from children who may have been knocking on his heart. He ate quite a lot if badanya although small and not at me. I was very scared when his house because he has a dog that is big enough and fierce. Since I was quite frustrated with the dog's name. Hahaha  Septian, he was a handsome man who is on campus once favored by many women that there are imitation kliwon.hahaha every Friday night. principle of life is relaxed and STAY COOL anytime and anywhere, no matter how rich state (salute brother) . Septian very lazy single entry to the campus at best only when he entered the exam without a feeling of sin, already tired I talk to him, because it seemed to go right ear but came out again from the right ear. wkwkwkwkk piiss ah Members imarmut the last is my Gustie, an ordinary young man who is kind, diligent saving, devout worship, not cocky, even with a mediocre face still has the aura of a different ... wkwkwkwwk  ( I can not judge myself how, it all depends on how where people judge me. But no matter where people looked like, yes this is me as gusti not others. I am very pleased to be joining the group that Alay although somewhat tacky but we are very compact in every way that is quite unique and if I remember anymore can make yourself laugh because it's a lot of jokes we can entertain us with one another. But do not feel is almost the end of semester two and it seems we have to be separated, even for a split class but would disrupt the schedule we get together, get together get together Friday in particular schedule is pretty special because every week we always play each home. Actually there are many I want to tell here, but I was very tired ngetiknya. Imarmut Anyway it is the best deh, and make its members there is only one sentence that passes "not adaa lo ga ramee !!!!????"

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